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3 reasons why *plans* are the best way to decorate

3 reasons why *plans* are the best way to decorate

In the past 3 months I’ve filled my living room / kitchen with plants, and it makes me very, very happy! Here are 3 reasons why I think everyone should do it:

(1) Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, they still make for a great decoration.

Plants add colour and texture to a room, giving it a lively and homey feel.

My initial idea was to recycle all the glass jars I had, and use them to grow bulb flowers.
I might have overcommitted on the number of plants, and while I was never successfully in growing any flowers .. my bulbs were very proficient in producing leaves!

After my first attempt failed, I decided to be more strategic in my selection of plans and I headed to Urban Plant Life to buy office plants. Plants that I can resist the harsh office environment could definitely survive my house, right?

Not quite, but the odds were better than the bulbs: of the 5 plants I only truly killed one: a Fatsia Japonica plant. However, Ficus Elastica, Ficus Lyrata and Pachira Aquatica are amazing plants and I can’t recommend them enough!

They allow me to decorate the room without having to buy more furniture and clutter the space. I like a minimalist style, and plants allow me to my living room open space homey without overcrowding the space.

(2) They are (relatively) inexpensive


If you buy your plants from nurseries, they are most likely going to last longer (as they’ve already survived their childhood and are ‘hardened by life’), however you can also grow them from seeds.
In either solutions, you’ll find that investing in plans won’t break the bank… especially if you don’t buy super fancy pots.

My plants range from €5 to €50, and you can find amazing deals in places like LIdl or IKEA.

Either way, the benefits they bring to your environment outweigh the costs:
- They help purify air
- They reduce stress and generally improve wellbeing
- They can help fight colds

(3) You can change the look and feel of your room in just a few minutes!

Very few items allow you to significantly change the decor of a room by simply changing their position or grouping them differently.
In my old house, I remember that I used to shuffle furniture around a room every few months to just change things a bit.. but it was a lot of work and the options very limited.

Now that I’ve carefully chosen each piece of furniture and tailored it to a specific place in the house to optimise space.. well moving them is not an option.

Plants give me the flexibility I need to be creative with my environment.

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