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Dublin house prices compared to similar cities abroad

Dublin house prices compared to similar cities abroad

I recently read this article:

We compare prices of a three-bed in Dublin with similar homes in Europe

And what struck me is that while Dublin is indeed a capital... it's certainly not comparable to the likes of London, Rome, Berlin and Paris! 

Let's just take a look at the approximate size of the population and the areas occupied by these cities (data found on Wikipedia).

If we consider the population, Dublin *and county* has 1,273,069 people, which is half of what just the *city* of Paris has, not even counting the urban area around it. In fact, if we count *just* the population of the city of Dublin it would be 553,165.


If we look at the area of the city of Dublin we can see that it's a bit larger than Paris (+7%), however, if we consider the total urban area, Dublin hardly compares with its 318 km2, to the 2,845 km2 that Paris occupies. 

Urban Area

Lastly, there are several resources that indicate that Dublin's wealth is lower than the other capitals, e.g.:
Urban Europe — statistics on cities, towns and suburbs — the dominance of capital cities
List of metropolitan areas in the European Union by GDP

Now, let's look at the prices for a 3-bed house listed in the Irish Times' article: the listed price for a house in Dublin is HIGHER than a similar house in London! And this is just the listed price - it's a foregone conclusion that it'll increase due to the bidding. 

3-Bed House Comparison

I'm not an economist nor can I claim to have any understanding of international housing markets, however, it seems highly suspicious that a city that can't rival any of the other capitals in that article in population, size or wealth, has higher housing prices!!

Why are we (and in this case the Irish Times) not asking how this is possible and why this is happening? 

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