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This blog tells my experience with buying a house in Dublin, Ireland, and renovating it. 

I wanted to share everything I learned along the way, my misadventures and any tips and tricks!

Hiring professionals from Tradesmen.ie

Hiring professionals from Tradesmen.ie

I used the www.tradesmen.ie site 4 times and I can honestly recommend it for small jobs:


- It delivers: although I haven't always received the promised 4 quotes, I did get called back and ultimately hired tradesmen who completed the job.

- It provides you an overview of the reviews from other users and you have the opportunity to leave a review of your own experience.

- The customer service is readily available.


- Ultimately, as always in this field in Ireland, you need to be lucky to find a good tradesman. 

- The reviewing method is not very fair: before your review of the job is posted, the tradesman needs to review YOU. 

- The site layout and notifications are outdated - a redesign of all would make it look more professional and user friendly.

- It relies heavily on text messages: you have to text to resend your job posting or close it. If you have multiple jobs it can get messy. 
On online login with a list of your jobs and the various functions would be more efficient. 

As with any portal of this kind, the site itself can do little about the quality of the service that each tradesman delivers - it is simply a fact of life that in Ireland is very difficult to find an honest and highly professional tradesman that delivers good quality

What bothers me most is the reviewing system. 

I do understand where they are coming from: they want to give everyone an equal opportunity to give honest feedback. However, that's not possible with the caliber of tradesman we have in this town.

I've had to deal with too many petty, unprofessional and sloppy tradesman, to believe that they would be able to give a fair overview of how the job went down. 

I'm prepared to give them a balanced review - while there are things I didn't like about most of the tradesman I hired, there are many things I did like. I want other people to be able to make an informed decision - something that would have helped me greatly!

However, I won't do that when there's a chance that someone would write a comment like 'I had to babysit her' (real life comment because I was asking questions about the job and progress updates -_- ). I don't want to be 'blacklisted' from one of the few resources there is to find tradesman just because of petty people.

Here's an overview of my experiences with this site:

(1) The first time I used Tradesmen.ie I was in urgent need of an electrician to either (a) certify how we wired the house or (b) rewire the entire house at the same time the bathroom renovation was going on.

The person who accepted the job was a decent electrician, although far from perfect.

(2) Second time, I needed someone to install a boiler thermostat (because the previous electrician couldn’t agree with the bathroom contractors and, later on, never had time to come over). The second electrician was professional, quick and did a good job - I can recommend them: KMD Heating & Plumbing

(3) I asked for a quote for a conservatory - Two tradesman indicated that they were interested, one of them called to say that they would like to schedule an appointment to view the house.. and then never called back. 

(4) I needed someone to replace the door frame for my living room door - I initially called it door architrave (not being an expert or native speaker) which caused confusion with the Tradesman who accepted the job. 

I asked them if they wanted to view the job before giving me a quote and so that they knew what it entailed but they were pretty firm that they didn't need to do that.... obviously they did. 

Although they did cancel at the last minute and we had to reschedule, ultimately the job was fine. 

The Irish housing crisis

The Irish housing crisis

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