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I wanted to share everything I learned along the way, my misadventures and any tips and tricks!

How to maximise small spaces and save money

How to maximise small spaces and save money

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How do you make the most of a room of not even 5 square meters?

Those who have followed this blog for some time, or who are currently looking for a house, know that ALL space is precious.
After all the effort you have to make to buy a house of your own, it seems almost morally wrong that you’d waste space on poor design and/or planning.

The smallest of our bedrooms is located above the stairwell.. which means it has a “unique” shape. Almost 1.3 square meters of floor space are unusable.

The two main issues were:
(1) A very narrow closet right above the stairwell
(2) A radiator attached to the side of the closet (preventing the use of that wall).

We made a small but significant architectural change: we took down the closet wall.
While this was definitely more effortful in the beginning, it allowed us to use the space more efficiently, furnish with store-bought furniture (and not custom built)… and have much more flexibility in the future what we want to do with this room.

(1) Our first step was to move the radiator next to the door: the door opens on the inside of the room and we wouldn’t be able to use this section of wall for any other purpose.

(2) Instead of the wall closet we kept a raised platform to accommodate for the stairs, while still allowing us a bit more ‘floor’ space.

(3) The half wall next to the wardrobe allowed us to maximise space next to the chest of drawers with a table.

Here’s an overview of the furniture we used in the room:

IKEA BRIMNES Day-bed w 2 drawers/2 mattresses
80 x 200 cm

IKEA BRIMNES Wardrobe with 2 doors
78 x 190 cm

IKEA NORBERG Wall-mounted drop-leaf table
74 x 60 cm

IKEA MALM Chest of 6 drawers
40 x 123 cm

3 reasons why *plans* are the best way to decorate

3 reasons why *plans* are the best way to decorate