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Wanna make money? Become a plumber.

Wanna make money? Become a plumber.

Mid-way through April I got tired of having a freezing hallway - so I hired a plumber to install a radiator. The pipes and fittings where already in place, so it was a matter of buying a radiator and attaching it to the wall and the pipes. 

The plumber initially charged me €450 = radiator + installation. 
Although I had explained it, he didn't realise right away that I *didn't* want the radiator pipes to come out of the wall at an angle - having them come out horizontally from the wall was an additional €200. 

Let's break down the costs:


€100 - for the radiator (online you can find the same radiator for €73, but let's give him some leeway and say he paid it €100)

€100 - additional fittings + pipe freezing kit (he showed me the invoice)


Let's allow for €40 for the transportation of the radiator.
This is obviously an estimate as I don't know where he bought it, but it's not too far off the transportation prices I was quoted when inquiring from shops. 


The plumber arrived at 4pm and finished around 8pm. During this time, he was gone 40min / 1 hour to procure the additional materials. From start to finish it took 4 hours approximately. 

COST of MATERIALS & TRANSPORT = €240 (€100 + €100 + €40)

HOURLY RATE = (€650 - €240) / 4 = €102,5



- I had to prompt him to give me a specific window of time for when he'd come, but he did show up (which can't be said for all plumbers)
- He did a good enough job - although one side of the radiator leaks a few drops now and then and the other pipe is not entirely straight. 
- He cleaned after himself, but he resorted to kicking the pipes into place (which I think eventually caused the leak) instead of making an effort to cut shape the plasterboard.

If we had done the job ourselves we we have saved €410 (63% of the cost) AND we would have done it more carefully and with more attention to detail. 


My opinion of plumbers in Dublin hasn't changed at all - they are good for an emergency (if you're lucky to find one), but I would not trust them with any high quality jobs... or to charge an honest price. 

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Why it would take 1,5 years for the average Irish to save for a house deposit

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