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This blog tells my experience with buying a house in Dublin, Ireland, and renovating it. 

I wanted to share everything I learned along the way, my misadventures and any tips and tricks!

We saved €5k by building our own porch

We saved €5k by building our own porch


For security and practical purposes we wanted to replace our 60 year old glass front door. To do that, however, we had to get rid of the mini porch the previous owners had built. 

As discussed more in depth in the article about the Pickapro.ie website, we received quotes
ranging from 5,000€ to 10,000€, both including and excluding the cost of the front door, which the builders generally estimate to be around 1,000€.

By doing the job ourselves, we were able to build (a) a beautiful porch, (b) we reused some of the wooden beams we imported from Italy (from our old porch) and (c) we installed a state of the art front door by Fairco

In total, we spent €4,650.00:

  • Building materials: €1,500.00
  • Fairco front door: €2,900.00
  • Skip for waste materials: €250.00

We first demolished the original porch

We made an outline for how big we wanted the porch and a wooden frame for the door (which we had commissioned in advance). We built the walls using insulating bricks. 

We used 4 wooden beams as the basis for the roof. After nailing down the wooden boards, we covered the roof with an insulated tarp and added roof shingles. 

Lastly we levelled the floor.... unfortunately due to work fatigue we miscalculated the height and made it too high by 10cm. So, the day before the door installation, we used a jack hammer to break it and re-do it. 


We also installed a doorbell, added plasterboards to all the internal walls, and installed a drop ceiling with two spots of light.

After the last-minute rush to have the floor ready, the door was installed without a hitch! 

Here's the beautiful result with the walls plastered - not bad for two non-builders!

How to pay off a mortgage in less than 3 years [spoiler - there are no shortcuts]

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