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This blog tells my experience with buying a house in Dublin, Ireland, and renovating it. 

I wanted to share everything I learned along the way, my misadventures and any tips and tricks!

East Wall - Duplex - 2 Bed / 3 bath - €225,000

Type of Property: Duplex
Location: East Wall 
Rooms: 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom
Asking price: €225.000, with a current offer of €225.000 (This was an investment property and the owner is looking to sell by the end of June)
Age of the property: 9 years (It was built in 2006)
Floor area: 76 square meters
Public transportation: 1 bus line
Other benefits: Very close to the city center (50min on foot from my office), there are green areas a small distance away and there is an Aldi supermarket down the road.

NOTES: I already liked this Duplex from the pictures on the listing, however, I never expected it that I would love it so much! 

The rooms are all well proportioned, quite large, and full of light, especially the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Walking into the house the living room is on the right, with a large window on one wall and almost entirely open to the kitchen on the other. The kitchen includes a dining area and it opens on a sun deck. On the first floor there are 2 bedrooms with a family bathroom and the master bedroom is ensuite with a private balcony. 

Not only this property has 3 bathrooms, but it's almost brand new: everything from the kitchen appliances to the window frames and floors wouldn’t need to be renovated. Just opening and closing the doors was a pleasure because they were made of thick solid wood (and not the usual flimsy, creaky doors you find in older houses). And it was perfectly furnished, it could have easily come out of the glossy pages of a magazine!
The only downside is the ‘private’ decked terrace outside the kitchen: it's not actually private as it could be accessed by anyone who has access to the apartment complex. Also, we have to consider our two dogs: while the duplex is big enough for them, they wouldn’t have a garden to run around outside (and maybe there are some regulations we need to comply too).

There are, however, some parks a short distance away where we could take them for walks, and there is also a huge Aldi supermarket down the road. 

From all the descriptions of East Wall I received, I was expecting a much rougher area. And while it is true that there are some industrial complexes, construction sites and abandoned houses, they don't set the tone for the whole area, which is mainly formed by council-type terraced houses (very similar to Crumlin).

We are still trying to find a house with a garden, but we'll certainly keep this one in consideration too. 

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